Genesis Renberg
  • Senior technical program manager
  • Reported directly to Dustin

Dustin is the person who has most inspired me in the workplace. I was fortunate enough to work with him both at Lightspeed as well as at Route and hope to work together again in the future. Dustin is people first and lives by his values. He is curious and willing to put the work in to try new ideas and truly make work a more positive experience for everyone.

As a mentor he helped give me the confidence to reach new heights in my career and made me feel seen for the first time by a direct manager. He really cares about those around him and has a very calming presence which makes him very easy to work with. His experience has shaped him into a very humble, effective leader who influences others and gains the trust of his teams. I am proud to know him. He's also pretty funny in his own way and you can't help but admire his dedication to fitness as a runner - he is no days off.

Augusto Pedroza
  • Director of Engineering
  • Managed Dustin directly

People, people, people. It does not take long to realize that Dustin is all about the people. Every single feedback from anyone reporting to him has always been the same: "Dustin truly cares", "I can trust my manager". This genuine care not only comes from his character but also from his wiliness to always become a better manager. He is constantly researching and finding ways to challenge his own opinion and propose ways that others can grow. That being said, his people leadership does not ignore in any way business needs. During our time together he could quickly grasp vision and determine next steps. His style has been all about finding ways to provide autonomy and allow teams to self-manage.

He took special interest in sharing management/leadership skills. Several of our managers greatly benefited from leadership discussions led by him.

Partnering with Dustin made me a better manager and expanded my horizons in many different ways. If you truly care about your people and want to run a successful business, look no further.

Michael Summers
  • UX Research Discipline Lead
  • Worked with Dustin on same team

Dustin is a truly exceptional engineer. Not only does he possess a strong technical ability, but he also has a rare combination of empathy, communication skills, and leadership ability. These qualities make him not only a great mentor and manager to his direct reports, but also a valuable asset to any project he works on.

In my years working in tech and Silicon Valley, I've seen many eng leads, and none compare to Dustin in terms of his ability to bring people together and resolve conflicts. He has a knack for diffusing tension and fostering collaboration among teams with different backgrounds and perspectives, such as PMs, designers, and researchers.

In today's fast-paced and competitive industry, power struggles and inter-team conflicts can easily derail the success of a project. That's why I believe Dustin's unique talents will be even more valuable in the future. I've seen him in action and I can confidently say that he is the best at bridging gaps and bringing people together to achieve a common goal. In short, he is an invaluable asset to any team that wants to ship great products.

Sean Machen
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Reported directly to Dustin

Definitely one of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

Matt Lloyd
  • Mobile Engineering Manager
  • Worked with Dustin on same team

Dustin is the kind of manager everyone hopes they get to work with! I had the chance to work with Dustin while we both managed separate mobile teams at Route. I enjoyed getting to partner with him and learn from his excellent experience in people management. Dustin is the kind of leader that cares deeply for his reports and their personal development and careers. He lifts his team members and is able to motivate them to perform at their best level.

One thing that really stuck out to me about Dustin is that he is the kind of leader that doesn't wait to be told what to do or how to do it. He develops a vision for his team and is creative and then executes on that vision. He is excellent when working cross team across many disciplines. He's able to pull people in from many backgrounds to learn together and to execute on the company's goals. He's not afraid to challenge bad practices or processes and instead makes data driven decisions that will be the best for the company and for everyone around him. Any company would be lucky to have Dustin on their leadership team.

Alaina Finley
  • Engineering Manager
  • Worked with Dustin on same team

During my time at Route, I would encounter leaders who embodied qualities I hoped to emulate. Dustin was without a doubt, one of these leaders. From the beginning of Dustin's time at Route, I immediately noticed his ability to bring people together and identify ways in which process could be improved. His eye for optimization of process is second to none, and his ability to identify with individuals makes him an incredibly empathetic and effective leader. He was able to ask the right questions, and be open to all responses given. In addition to his excellent leadership skills, his technical background and expertise speak for itself. I, with the most certainty, recommend Dustin for any technical leadership position.

Austin Tierney
  • Senior Product Leader
  • Worked with Dustin on same team

I highly recommend Dustin for his excellent leadership and management skills. Under his guidance, our team's morale has significantly improved and we have been able to deliver products faster and more efficiently.

Dustin has a great ability to inspire and motivate our team, which has contributed to a positive and productive work environment. He has a strong technical background and is able to provide valuable guidance on technical challenges the team was facing. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and go above and beyond to ensure that our team is successful as well as taking any team feedback to heart.

Overall, Dustin has been a valuable asset to the mobile teams and I highly recommend him for any leadership role. He has the ability to lead and inspire a team to achieve great things!

Andrew Ash
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Reported directly to Dustin

Dustin was my manager at Route and remains someone I trust and whose counsel I seek, to this day. He's a strong advocate for whatever his team needs to thrive, invites us to share our opinions even before sharing his own, and created a team where each of us felt empowered. He even reached out to employees outside our team and across disciplines by founding several leadership book clubs, lifting up the whole company as a result (not a single reader dropped out before finishing the book, btw, which says something).

I would gladly work on Dustin's team again if the opportunity comes up, and highly recommend that you bring him on as a manager or in a leadership role: especially if your company is the one I'm currently working for!

Allison Garvey
  • Head of People & HR Operations
  • Worked with Dustin on different teams

Dustin is a highly passionate, impactful engineering leader. He is a true partner in scaling people programs across teams while caring deeply about employees individually. He consistently adds value to everything he does and is an exceptional cross-functional partner.

Rafael Valer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Reported directly to Dustin

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and a mentor, but I did when I worked with Dustin. A very creative person, who is always determined to cheer up his team and get the best out of each one. I truly hope our paths cross in the future.

Clark Torres
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Reported directly to Dustin at multiple companies

Dustin is an exceptional manager and mentor. During my time on his team, Dustin made it a point to lead by example, and our efforts always felt collaborative. He played a key role in the development of my skills as an engineer and in my confidence as a contributing team member. His leadership, work ethic and knack for fostering rapport have left a lasting impression on me.

Juan Sebastian Delgado
  • Senior Fullstack Engineer
  • Reported directly to Dustin at multiple companies

A people-first leader with vast knowledge and experience which he's never shy to spread with care and detail upon his teammates on the projects lucky enough to have him onboard.

Has the ability to set a solid foundation for any given product both on the technical and the human side leveraging in an optimal way the tools and resources provided. Gives solid value to the potential of a person when hiring and always keep his team motivated while setting realistic goals and deadlines.

I've had the pleasure to work alongside him on two projects and both times I've experienced substantial growth both as a person and a professional, which is in my opinion the best possible compliment you can give to someone in a lead role.

Mark Jeschke
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Reported directly to Dustin

Dustin is a fantastic and thoughtful leader with years of experience, which he shares with the team. I had the privilege of working with him at It’s Good. He was extremely encouraging, professional and kind. I worked with him in 2005 at Yahoo! And would love to work with him again. He’s trusting, realistic with expectations and deadlines, empathetic, and has a great sense of humor; he’s a huge joy to work with.

Dustin also doesn’t expect you to know everything. He trusts in people’s ability to learn and grow, especially in a fast-paced environment. That’s the foundation of a great engineering team. Any company would be stoked to hire him!

Bianca Oscal
  • Senior Technical Sourcer
  • A Client for Dustin

Dustin was a pleasure to work with on the client side and candidate side of things! :) Not only is he smart, driven and educated but one of the most thoughtful and nice guys I have worked with! After speaking with Dustin you can tell he truly cares about the impact he will be making at each position and company he is at. You will do big things Dustin if you haven't done so already!

Ali Faiz
  • Founder, Engineering Manager
  • Worked with Dustin at multiple companies

I've had the opportunity to work with Dustin across multiple companies over many years. I've always held his technical abilities to be the high water mark for front end development.

He's always been an incredibly proficient and quick developer with a strong eye for design. His ability to hit the ground running on various projects was incredible and resulted in success across many instances that I've had the chance to work with him.

Over the time we've worked together, Dustin has led many projects to success and set the standards for the coding and development of them. He's a leader with lots of experience and knowledge with the ability to guide and teach others.

Leigh Taylor
  • Design Director
  • Worked with Dustin at several companies

One of the best, you would be lucky to work, learn and be inspired by Dustin. A rare person with incalculable talent, a beautiful soul and an optimism tackling the hardest problems. May our paths cross many times in the future.